About Us
     Morningcore Technology Co.Ltd (i.e. Morningcore) is directly managed by Datang Telecom Technology and Industry Group (i.e. Datanggroup), a state-owned company under SASAC.
     Officially found in March 2017, Morningcore is headquartered in Shanghai with a branch in Beijing.
     Based on Datanggroup’s proven experience of communications and SoC designing, Morningcore is focusing on IoV(LTE-V), IoT, 5G communication chip and solutions. Using advanced chip design methodology, R&D process, Morningcore provides leading and reliable mobile communication SoC chips, platforms and solutions.
  Application and Products
IoV chip and turnkey solution:
Providing high performance IoV(LTE-V) baseband chip ;
Providing low cost, competitive IoV(LTE-V) module and turnkey solution.

IoT chip and solution:
Providing low power, high performance and low cost IoT chip;
Offering a diverse IoT chip and module product for customers;
Forming technical advantage in market segment, keep leading level.

5G communication:
Providing communication SoC products and solutions, covering 5G communications;
Deep technology and capability accumulation in wireless communication.

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Address:NO.1258 Mingyue Road, Shanghai, 201206, P.R.China